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Rise and

with Laneige

Laneige is a competitive South Korean beauty and skincare brand that uses ingredients that delivers fast and noticeable results. They are primarily known for their sleeping masks. Laneige had freshly started a relationship with Sephora and were invited to sell their products in their stores. They haven't debuted yet though, but Sephora and Laneige thought that Sephora's beauty festival event, SEPHORiA House of Beauty, would be a great way for Laneige to make their grand entrance.

AMP and I were approached by Laneige to make sure they were the talk of SEPHORiA. We were given a budget of $150,000 to play with and 3 months to deliver an experience that highlights their Lip Sleeping Mask, incites social media sharing, and increases brand affinity. I was the design lead and excited to finally use my existing knowledge of beauty and skincare products for other than myself.

and who?


In the simplest terms, SEPHORiA is a huge beauty festival that showcases brands that are sold out of Sephora. At the event, brands are invited to create spaces to promote themselves and engage and connect with guests. Typically, these spaces are used to either educate and/or entice attendants. Guests that attend the event are categorized as millennial/gen z beauty junkies; among them are also beauty influencers.

SEPHORiA's Audience

Millennial/Gen Z beauty junkies are interested in self. Beauty junkies are selfie-ready at all times and focused on their own "brand". They are super well researched before making any purchases and buy products based off of recommendations from friends or beauty influencers. These guests love to try new things, experiment, and blend products. This makes them high-value consumers because of the amount of products they try in the process.


Don't Sleep
on Laneige

We didn't want to bore our guests or blend into a sea of beauty brands. We had to remember to build this experience around the Lip Sleeping Mask, social media sharing, and brand affinity. After pitching to clients several different concepts, we landed on an idea described as a Holographic Day Dream.

Highlighting the
Lip Sleeping Mask

At our Holographic Day Dream experience, we decided to make our booth a customization station because we found that our audience enjoys to have things unique to them. I created a flow for the consumer to move about the room, which would keep our guests moving and organized as more individuals would come into the space.

To ensure they kept going around, another designer and I decided to have a portion of the customization experience on each of the three walls. I had the opportunity to design different sections of the wall and made sure that it was relevant to the consumer and brand.

At the experience, the guest was greeted by a brand ambassador near a register. This is where they were encouraged to customize their own lip sleeping mask. After purchasing, they were able to select their own lid, then flavor of lip sleeping mask, and to top it off, a sticker. The lip sleeping mask was then packaged and our guest could continue to enjoy the space or move onto the next booth.

Making this

This part was easy. The space felt like our guests were inside a giant prism, with fragmented light bouncing off every surface. I created wall elevations to give a detailed insight of what should be placed where. So on the back wall, we had a floor-to-“ceiling” circular kaleidoscope disc. Guests could stand or have a seat on our Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask sculptures to take a photo in front of it. In the center of the space, I had placed prism podiums that displayed products for guests to test and purchase. Our guests were definitely captivated by all the reflective and shiny materials, especially because no other brand was as well lit as Laneige.

Brand Affinity

By having Laneige-educated brand ambassadors on site, consumers had the opportunity to get to know the brand and product more. They were able to have a unique, memorable moment with Laneige at SEPHORiA and left with selfie or two to get more familiar with Laneige. By creating this space alone, we increased brand affinity.


Tucking in

Everyone was all smiles after the event. Not only were we super pleased, but also Laneige and the team that were manning the booth as well. It is evident that this experience created a social buzz and brand affinity among the beauty community. On Instagram, there were hundreds of posts of the experience. Additionally, we saw tons of Lip Sleeping Masks fly out the door. As design lead, it was definitely challenging managing this project because of how quick the turnarounds and how sparse resources were. It was difficult at first, but after getting through some major hurdles like solidifying the concept and flow with Laneige, it was smooth sailing.

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