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Taking over
the city

Linking up
with Puma

PUMA is one of the world's leading sportswear brands that specializes in athletic apparel and goods. Despite being so well-known, they have tough competitors that are well established. With that in mind, they figured they needed some help.

That's where AMP and I come in. We helped them develop a plan to takeover five key cities with a budget of $500,000. This plan further establishes PUMA and creates a launch platform for their training products. I was responsible for the creative direction and production. As someone who aspires to design for brands like PUMA, I couldn't wait to dig into this six month process.

Exposure to

Who is
Generation Hustle?

When creating this experience, I kept in mind that we're talking to 16-24 year olds who aren't necessarily runners or trainers, but they care about their performance. They are driven by curiosity and fueled by versatile expression of culture. It is also important to note that they want to bring their personal style to their activity.

Taking PUMA to
Generation Hustle

PUMA wanted to establish themselves within the fitness communities of five different major cities, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. When selecting different locations within the city, we took consideration into the following:

1. an iconic view or placement that establishes the city and showcases where they are to the consumer
2. high foot-traffic area
3. target neighborhoods where the consumer frequents and/or workouts;
4. an outdoor space.

We wanted this be a spot that was easily accessible, seen, and remembered; so we selected Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois; Maurice A. Ferre Park, Miami, Florida; Hudson River Park's 46th Pier, New York City, New York; Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston, Massachusetts; and The Platform, Los Angeles, California.

the vision

So how
did they get
the invite?

Even before we could think about the actual event, we came up with a plan to reel people in. We leveraged socials, specifically Facebook and Instagram, PUMA's website, fitness influencers, and the Team Faster trainers' gyms. I designed trainer specific digital graphics for them to promote the event on their individual social channels and email lists; and, I also created digital graphics for brand promotional content. On the PUMA site, in order to match the energy of the experience, I created digital assets for them to utilize and to provide users with more information to drive them to register for the event on the event website.

First come,
first serve

After sending all the invites, the potential guests were directed to a website where they could register for the event. After collaborating on the website, we were able to create a streamlined process that would drive the user to register for the event. We guided them through the site by creating action-based buttons to push users to learn more, register, and confirm registration. By having these buttons at the end of the page or blurbs, it suggests to the user that selecting the button is the next step. Then when they submitted and confirmed, they were greeted with a confirmation email that ensured that they signed up.

Hosting an Outdoor
Fitness Party

We couldn't just have our guests do one workout and then leave, that wouldn't be being a very good host, now would it? To ensure that attendants felt like they were considered and taken care of, I designed a space where our guests can feel comfortable knowing what to do next after arriving. At check-in, they were greeted by two brand ambassadors with a swag bag. I designed it to be filled with items like a PUMA branded water bottle, socks, hair ties, and sweat towel and a discount code that gives them 15% off their next PUMA purchase.

With their new goods, the guests were directed to the locker section where they can store their personal items and mentally prepare for their hour-long workout. At the end, they were invited to get a free energy-fueling snack and drink from one of their local health-conscious eateries. They were also encouraged to hangout and take some pictures at the photo opportunity sections and share them on their socials as a nice way to remember their experience with PUMA.

Planning a
Worthwhile Workout

To make sure that PUMA was seen as a competitive performance brand, we organized a day full of workouts for each city. Each day was filled with several one-hour sessions hosted by a different Team Faster trainer. Each session was different from the other, trainers had the opportunity to plan a variety of workouts that ranged from cardio to yoga to HIIT and more. We included a overseeing structure to help organize a variety of workout equipment, punching bags, XT bands, and yoga mats, in one area. The fitness space I designed included a dimension of 45' x 35' x 12'. Although it was a little cozy, we had room for everyone and then some.

was it
worth the

Hell yeah.

To measure success, we looked primarily at social engagement with the PUMA brand, events,  products from influencers, trainers, and attendants.

We, as well as PUMA, were all very pleased with the results and feedback. The entire experience shows PUMA understands the training/running/fitness community in each activation city from the programming to the product to the venue. This project further confirms my interest with working with brands like PUMA. I found it was easy for me obsess over every aspect of this project. It was a pleasant experience despite the late nights, quick turnarounds, and a couple of shortcomings.

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